Sunday, June 16, 2013

Kicking Off Summer

Okay, so technically it's not "officially" summer yet - not until June 21st, but given it's been 111 degrees (while we were in Odessa), school's out, and the pool's open - I'd call it summer regardless of what the date on the calendar says.

So we kicked if off the way we intend to spend most of it - at the pool.  Really it's the only thing you can (or want to?) do when the temperature tops the century mark with humidity to match.

We checked out the slides.

And practiced our swimming and diving skills.

Though their form can he, ahem.. comical?, they both remember enough not to drown for the most part.  Ryan I don't really have to worry about - even in the deep end.  Connor I still have to keep an eye on.  He doesn't always remember to come up and breathe... he forgets sometimes that he just can't breathe under water...

Mr. John and Caden came to hang out with us at the pool, too.

The boys really enjoy having friends to play with at the pool.

They also really liked Caden's shark floatie.  :)

They spent most of the time at the pool pretending they were some sort of attack sharks - even when beached for adult swim time.  :)

No doubt about it - it's the perfect way to spend a summer afternoon. 

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