Monday, April 1, 2013

Celebrating Easter At School

The kids' school holds an Easter Egg Hunt every year.  And at least similar to last year they send out the same note about non-candy fillers, or healthy fillers, etc.  Blah, blah, blah.  :)  Yet every single egg we open has candy.  And not the healthy variety.  :)

Unlike last year, I decided I had better plan on staying for the egg hunt lest the kids disown me because "everyone else's mom's came!"  'Why weren't YOU there!?!?"

The eggs were scattered all over the yard.  A sea of brights and pastels dotting the landscape.

All 3 classes came out and lined up.

Anxiously awaiting the signal to go.  The line of parents waiting to snap pics was equally impressive, too.  :)

When they announced "Go!" the kids took off.

And shoveled eggs as fast as their little hands could go.

Afterwards of course they started opening all the eggs and attempting to sneak as much candy as possible before the teachers took them back inside and made them put up their baskets. 

But not before they lined each class up - a perfect opportunity for the parents to madly snatch a few more pics. :)

Connor's class totally cracked me up lined up against the big long wall.  If I didn't know better I 'd have sworn they were in a police line up.  :)

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