Saturday, November 20, 2010


I wore my Maroon Out Shirt today. Or one of them. I wore one Friday, too. Today was the official Maroon Out Game against No. 8 Nebraska. And in the tradition of Maroon-Out the No. 19 Aggies (yes, they are ranked! And bowl eligible. It may be a sign of apocalypse - I haven't decided) pulled out an upset. I may or may not have shed a tear while watching the game from the comfort of my couch - the first I have seen this season. I was very proud of them. The defense was reminiscent of my own time - the '98 Aggies who not only won the Big 12 South title, but the Big 12 outright. It was also the year of the first Maroon-Out against then No. 2 Ranked Nebraska. Though it is nothing like watching the game in person, you could feel the spirit of the game and the 12th man coming through. Way to go Aggies.

It is amazing where you run into other aggies. At McDonalds. At the dollar store. Wait, that's not coming out quite right... :) There were some at Costco, too. Never mind. I will just stop now. My point was it seemed like everywhere I went I ran in to more Aggies. You can tell them by their Aggie rings - whether they are shiny and new, or wear the patina of age. I suppose it is a little like a pin from a secret society. It still amazes me all these years later the instant camaraderie that unites Aggies. A older gentleman at a nearby table at McDonalds spoke to me while waiting for his wife. We talked about the upcoming game and the season they have had thus far this year. A similar conversation was replayed at the dollar store as the kids and I shopped for Operation Homefront. Little instances like this that remind me what an amazing thing it is to be an Aggie.

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